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i fear the greeks, even when they bring gifts

The son of Catreus, king of Crete. When an oracle foretold that Catreus would be killed by one of his own children, Althoemenes emigrated with his sister Apemosyne to Rhodes. Here he founded a town called Cretinia, in memory of his homeland, and also a shrine of Atabyrian Zeus on the top of Mount Atabyria from which, on a clear day, Crete could be seen. Soon afterwards he killed his sister: she was desired by Hermes, but when the god pursued her she ran too fast for him, so he spread fresh hides in her path on which she slipped and fell. There he raped her. She told Althoemenes what had happened but he refused to believe her and kicked her to death.

from my Dictionary of Classical Mythology, entry for Althoemenes.
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